About us

Hedgården is an old family farm and the home of Margareta and Lars-Erik Bohlin. The farm's history goes back to the 1600s. The century-old building available to guests has been carefully renovated over the years with the traditional rural design preserved. The building demonstrates fascinating details, furniture and objects collected by previous generations.

Margareta and Lars-Erik live on the farm with their hens and ever since the 1990s, guests from all over
the world have stayed here, many of them returning time after time. The farm is situated in Rot, a few kilometres outside Älvdalen with views of fields and mountains. This is a place where you can feel at
home and the guestbook describes the wonderful hospitality the guests here enjoy. The couple would love to guide you to activities and excursions in the area. Lars-Erik, who for many years worked in the forest, would be delighted to take you on an excursion to watch the wild animals and historic venues. Lars-Erik is also very knowledgeable about Älvdalen. On occasions such as Midsummer festivities you are invited to join the hosts to Rots Skans for the traditional celebrations with fiddlers and folk dancers entertaining.

Heartily welcome to Hedgården in Rot!

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