Hedgården in the summer

If you choose to come here during the summer you will find the atmosphere highly relaxing. Sit down in the garden hammock and read a book or just
enjoy the serenity. You will soon be joined by the curious hens.

The master of the house invites the guests to guided tours where you have the chance of spotting the King of the Forest – moose, bears or just enjoying the scenic surroundings.

The children will find a playhouse, swings and plenty of space for individual adventures. They are welcome to join Lars-Erik or Margareta to feed the hens.
Care for a swim? We are within walking distance of a fine lake with sandy beach, a slide and jumping tower. In case of poor weather here is the fine swimming baths with waterslide, 50-metre swimming pool, gym and saunas.

Guests opting to explore nature will find the wilderness more or less on the doorstep with various nature paths, hiking trails, and attractions. One of these is Hykjieberg with wide-stretched views and rare fauna. The more adventurous can enjoy mountain biking and mountain climbing. The vast forests are abundant in berries and mushrooms and you can also visit one of the local summer farms, the shielings Gessi or Hedbodarna, stop for a coffee and to purchase some of the local produce. The Vasaloppet arena is just as active during the summer as in winter. Enjoy a walk on the course or do your training in preparation for the bicycle or relay competitions Vasaloppet.

Rots Skans – Homestead museum – 'Hembygdsgård'
Rots Skans is only 300 metres from Hedgården. This is a fortification built in 1677, designed to protect us from the Norwegians. Inside Skansen there are buildings, housing forms and handicraft from late medieval times up to the early 1900s. This is also the venue for the Midsummer festivities, every year in the traditional form.

Älvdalen is the only area in Sweden with porphyry deposits. The decorative volcanic rock, usually called the Swedish diamonds has been worked for centuries and still holds strong attraction. In the old days, many a monument was designed in porphyry whereas nowadays production is mainly focused on jewellery and ornaments, available at various places in the area. In central Älvdalen is the museum, Porfyrmuseet.

Älvdalen boasts some of the best fishing waters in the country, with in principle everything keen sports fishermen may wish for, in the rivers, in the wilderness in small streams or the secluded tarns in road-less land. Also on offer are floating-ring, lake fishing and trolling. In the area is a great Fiskecenter where you can also book a fishing guide.

Business guests
Visitors to the area on business or just passing through will find Hedgården a good and affordable option. Here you can relax and recharge the batteries before your next stage. Just think of the breakfast based on local produce with freshly baked bread straight from the oven.

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